Testimonials are a great way of convincing readers to attend your seminar. Furthermore, it works for both well known speakers as well as speakers who have just started on their career. For a well known speaker, testimonials would be able to share with readers all the milestones and key seminars that one has been a part of. By having received praise from other attendees, it does have significant influence on readers even if you may have just started your career in this field.

So if testimonials do play a role in the decision of readers, then what is the best way to highlight these in your invitations? Firstly, you can create a subheading in a 10-point font that states, “Praise From Past Attendees” or “Testimonials”. Try to list out between¬†two to five quotations of positive feedback that you have received from participants who have attended your previous seminars or conferences. Do not forget to include their name, title and business because by having these, readers will perceive it to be more creditable. Credibility also goes a long way in having an influence on your readers’ decisions.

At the end of the day, these testimonials are supposed to aid your invitation. They should always have a positive effect and help to ease the decision-making of readers. However, you have to keep in mind that too much of something is never good. Hence, try your best to stick with the stipulated amount of testimonials suggested above. Although you might have more testimonials to share, it would be wise not to. The reason being that too many testimonials can cause your readers to lose trust. This will result in some of them feeling that the testimonials aren’t believable. If they do actually feel that way about it, then chances are that they will end up declining your invitation. It will be a real waste if something like that were to happen.

Always remember that not all readers are willing to allocate a whole lot of time just to take a look at your invitation. In fact, most people would prefer it to be short and sweet. Therefore, keep the number of testimonials between two to five and ensure that each of the quotations aren’t too long. At the end of the day, you should realise that this isn’t the core part of your seminar invitation.

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