There are times when seminar invitations are being sent to people that do not necessarily know anything about your seminar. Therefore, the first thing that helps them to determine if they should continue reading would be your seminar title. This short title alone is enough to either capture their attention or simply delete the invitation from their mailbox. Hence, you would need to come up with a catchy title that can not only draws attention, but be informative enough to let them know what the seminar is about.

In any form of invitations, the seminar title has to always be at the top centre. This is usually the part where it aligns with the eye level. This is why this position is the most ideal to get your point across. For a formal seminar invitation, always keep it professional, catchy and informative enough. In other words, your title has to be sufficient enough to give others a rough idea of what you will be touching on in your seminar. For example, if your topic is on investment, then your title has to be able to encapsulate some essence of it too. However, if you name it something like “Financial Investment”, it is pretty vague and common. Therefore, try to come up with something else instead that is more specific and stands out among other seminars out there. A good example would be something like “Investing in Gold for a Better Future”.

Another important aspect when it comes to the seminar title is designing it in a way so that it is able to appeal to others. This is the part where many usually neglect and do not really bother about. The truth is that the font does play a role in making a difference to your seminar invitation. Firstly, the most common font types are Calibri, Arial and Times New Roman. These are the standard ones that you can’t really go wrong with. Next, the font size you should select should be between 14 to 16. These sizes are sufficient so that people do not strain their eyes and at the same time, aren’t too big to be too distracting. Lastly, when it comes to the font style, it is recommended that you choose to apply either boldface, italics or the underline effect to the seminar title to make it stand out. One out of the three would be enough, anything more would be simply overdoing it already.

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