As everyone knows, there are many seminars available out there. In fact, it is rather common nowadays to find seminars that covers the same topics. So if this were the case, then how would people actually decide on which seminar would be more worthwhile to attend? Well, one of the main factors is definitely budget and cost. However, this does not mean that you cannot price your seminar high. If you intend to have a premium price, then you must be able to have good selling points to convince others that your seminar is the most value for money.

Spotlighting your seminar selling points is a great way of getting others not to do a comparison solely based on price. Once your selling points are clear and can effectively get across to others, then they will be able to understand that price isn’t the most important factor after all. Once they are able to realise this, then their chances of attending your seminar will be increased. In order to grab their attention further and make them select your seminar over other competitors, then you will need to have selling points that are distinct as compared to others. When people notice that you have something that is fresh and unique, they will naturally be more inclined to learn more about it. This will effectively provide you with an advantage over your competitors.

Aside from having distinct selling points, you also would need to ensure that your seminar invitation is being designed in a manner where readers can easily spot these selling points. It would be a total waste if readers skip or miss the selling points that you have to offer. The best way to draw your readers’ attention is by creating a second 10-point subheading that reads, “Highlights”. At the same time, you can try to make a bullet list of how you intend to present the information. Also, another thing that you should bear in mind and consider is mentioning items such as PowerPoint presentations, Q&A sessions, round-table or panel discussions, brown-bag lunches, software demonstrations or free information packets. Although some of these points may seem rather common and redundant, they still do have the ability to make a difference in a much more subtle way.

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