A seminar invitation would not be complete without an overview of the seminar topics. It is similar to the table of contents of a book. Without it, readers would not be able to have a rough idea of what the book/seminar covers. Yes, the topics do play a major role when it comes to the reader making a decision of whether or not to attend your seminar. Therefore, if you do not have an overview of your seminar topics, it will only decrease your chances of earning their attendance.

When it comes to the design and layout of the subheading in your seminar invitation, keep it simple and easy on the eyes. The recommended font types for the subheading are the usual ones such as Calibri, Times New Roman and Arial. These are the more professional font types that are commonly used in a formal setting. An italic 10-point font that reads, “Seminar Topics” should be more than significant enough for your readers. This is a method of drawing their attention so that they will be willing to have a closer look at your seminar invitation and what your seminar truly has to offer.

An overview basically involves you listing out the topics covered in the seminar in bullet form. Too much details can also be rather time consuming for people to read. Hence, try to keep it short and simple via point form. This will enable your readers to have a brief idea of what your seminar covers. At the same time, it can attract them to sign up should they wish to learn more.

The best and most ideal method of winning people over to sign up lies in the way that you structure the title of your topics. Wording and phrasing plays a crucial role in their decision to attend your seminar. Therefore, try your best to phrase your topics in the most succinct and engaging way that you can possibly think of. For instance, instead of  something like “A Discussion of Social-Networking Websites That Can Help to Increase Your Client Base”, you can opt for “Methods to Double Your Client Base Through Social-Networking Techniques”. Although it may be the same thing, the way that you phrase it does make a difference. It shows others your creativity and this is what that gets them interested.

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