If this is your first time preparing seminar invitations, then this could be of great help to you. Although there are many templates available on the internet for you to choose from, you can easily come up with a design on your own without much hassle. This isn’t any form of a design competition, so you do not need a fanciful invitation. In fact, in such context, simplicity may be the most ideal of all.

Always try to begin with a clear and crisp design. It does not require to stand out so much. Instead, it should be pleasant to look at and not put strain on one’s eyes. By using simplicity, it gets people to focus on what you intend for them to look at. Hence, you should try to select a design no more than four colours to start with. Any designs that have more than four colours can be rather distracting. In fact, it can cause people to lose interest without them even reading till the very end. That is something that you should avoid by all means. If you are unable to get your point across (in this case, your invitation to them), then it just means that you did not accomplish what you had initially set out to do.

The second thing to take note of in the design of seminar invitations is to leave more than enough white space for easy printing. At the same time, this also prevents clutter and visual overload. By over designing the invitation with too much visual, it can lead to it being very distracting as well. As mentioned above, this could cause people to totally ignore and skip your invitation if they feel that it is too overwhelming. Therefore, keep it simple and easy on the eyes by providing sufficient white spaces.

If you still decide on using a template, here are some guidelines that might be of use to you. It would be ideal to select a business invitation design template that is already present in your word-processing program (MS Words). However, if you are unable to locate one, you can try to download one from office software companies such as Microsoft. These templates are specially designed for business invitations, so it is almost impossible to go wrong with them.

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