This post is for seminars that involves both a single speaker or multiple speakers. If there are going to be other speakers or even guest speakers, then you should really consider allocating a portion of your seminar invitation to briefly outline each speaker’s biographies. Although some organisers may think that it is not significant or doesn’t really play a huge role, those who are actually keen on your seminar would definitely appreciate the effort. At the same time, this can help to influence their final decision of whether to attend your seminar.

Basically, a speaker’s biographies is just more information and details about the speaker. Since this is just a brief introduction on the speaker(s), you do not require a lengthy description. All you have to do is to keep it short and sweet. Here are some of the details that you might like to include in the biographies.

Firstly, you can start by listing out the speaker’s current title and company, publications and any achievements. As mentioned above, biographies are capable of influencing the final decision of interested readers. These are some of the factors that do make a difference. It is important that these information are precise and accurate. If your participants realise that the details are false, it can cause an uproar, which will only tarnish both the speaker and your reputation.

Yes, not everyone of us has the title and achievements that are pleasing in the eyes of others. It will surely be an added advantage if the speakers do. Nonetheless, if they do not, then just keep it simple with their current title and company. There will always be individuals who based their attendance on where the speaker(s) is from. Obviously, some would prefer speaker(s) from a more reputable company with a high title. However, we cannot always please everyone and I’m sure people will also realise that there is always a stepping stone for everything in life.

Finally, it would also be a good idea to include a small head shot of speakers if space permits. This is optional as well. However, if you feel that it is capable of making a difference in their attendance, then by all means do include it.

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