First and foremost, you may ask? Why did we started this seminar room when there are countless hotels and tietiary institutions doing so?

Well, we are a pool of people who are in the training and education businesses and finding a suitable venue can be a challenge! As trainers ourselves, what we value most is our participants’ success after they attend our seminars. The most important factor is convenience over cost. What could be more dreadful having to wake up really early to join rushing commuters to a seminar. Which is why we have chosen Heritage Place@Bugis. It is a centralized location and just opposite Bugis MRT station and the most popular and bustling Bugis Junction. An energetic place that comprises of serviced offices, schools, arts and recreation venues, retail outlets, hotels, Singapore’s largest shopping street and most importantly, good food!

We pride ourselves to be located in a place that is a food enclave. Let me share with you what you can enjoy after a day of training at our seminar room.

First, here are some photographs of our conducive surroundings:

Heritage Place

This is Tan Quee Lan Street. It is just opposit Bugis Junction, Bugis MRT station. First row of retail shops consists of mainly bridal shops, restauarants, spas and etc. Second floor consists of serviced offices named Heritage Place which is where we are located. There is a lift lobby and we are just the first unit on the right. Conseutive third, fourth and fifth floors are private residential units and pent houses where mainly the expats lived.

Training room

The facade outside our Seminar Room

Our seminar room is just 5 minutes away from Bugis MRT station (EW12), Bugis Junction.

Picture of Bugis Junction, Bugis MRT facing our seminar room

Seminar Room Surroundings - Bugis Junction

Food and Beverages Choices near our Seminar Room  Seminar Room - restaurants guide

Here are the list of Food & Beverage outlets found in Bugis. Enjoy!

Looking for light snacks or a quick bite to grab and go before you start your seminar?

In Bugis Junction:
Crystal Jade My Bread
Famous for: Hong kong styled pastries like their signature ‘polou bao’, egg tarts and charsiew buns.

Old Chang Kee
Famous for: Curry puffs, fried food like chicken wings, sotong balls, fish balls, nuggets and etc.

Chewy Junior
Famous for: Sweet pastries. The name says it all. Chewy ‘donuts’ with various toppings in bite sizes.

Bread Papa Sweets
Famous for: Cream puffs, cheese sticks, chocolate lava cake. This japanese and western fusion inspired pastries shop delights anyone with a hungry stomach.

Four Leaves
Famous for: All types of buns, sandwiches and creamy cakes.

Mr Sushi (Inside Cold Storage)
Famous for: Grab and go sushi outlet located inside the supermarket of Bugis Junction Mall.

Famous Amos
Famous for: Homemade cookies and cookie cakes!

Famous for: Egg-free ice cream made from soya beans.

Ke Kou Wei
Famous for: Asian delights like carrot cakes, kuehs and more.

Wow Tako
Famous for: Japanese Octo balls in an assortment of flavours. Great for a quick bite!

Polar Puffs & Cakes
Famous for: Japanese Octo balls in an assortment of flavours.

Famous for: Soya bean milk and pancakes. A healthier option.

Dong Dae Mun
Famous for: Korean street food

I Love Taimei
Famous for: Taiwanese bubble tea and crispy fried chicken

Ritz Apple Strudel
Famous: Apple Strudels, strawberry strudels. There is another Ritz apple strudel at the corner of Tan Quee Lan Street.

Fei Siong
Famous for: Economical fried beehoon, great for breakfasts and or a quick lunch.

Yami Yogurt
Famous for: Yogurt of course!

Nuts N Nibbles
Famous for: An assortment of nuts for you to munch.

Uncle’s Kitchen
us for serving asian food.

Happy Lemon
Famous for serving drinks and more.

Famous for: Their variety of bread, buns, sandwiches and cakes.

Gelateria Venezia
Famous for: Gelato Ice Cream and waffles.

Famous for: Bubble tea, ice blended drinks, juices and desserts.

Famous for: A new player in the market serving yogurt with quicky and sexy names.

A Great Place to go for Lunch and Dinner before or after your training event at our Seminar Room:

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao
Famous for: Shanghai food and

Itacho Sushi
Famous for: This japanese sushi and restaurant is part of a larget food chain operated by a Hong Kong company. A huge variety of sushi made affordable.

The Soup Spoon
Famous for: Hearty and healthy soups makes a great executive lunch.

Billy Bombers American Diner
Famous for: Usual American staple serving fish and chips, steaks and milk shakes.

Famous for: Pasta made affordable and served fast. Try their panini as well. Vegetarian choices available.

Famous for: Need we say anymore? Fastfood joint serving the all time favourite kentucy fried chicken!

Famous for: Japanese fast food serving yakiniku beef rice bowl and more.

Cafes and Quick Takeaways:

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
Famous for: Old coffeeshop(kopitiam) aroma. Kaya toasts, soft boiled eggs with tea (teh) and coffee (kopi). Traditional flavours and fresh offerrings. A Singaporean favourite.

J.CO Donuts & Coffee
Famous for: Donuts of course! Sweet donuts pairing with their variety of beverages.

Famous for: Fresh custom-made sandwich bar. It’s healthy and serves quickly.

Tori Q
Famous for: Japanese bento boxes paired with their famous yakitoris. (Grilled chicken and pork skewers)

Sarpino’s Express
Famous for: This pizza chain is famous for their authentic italian tasted pizza. Great for a lunch takeaway.

Punggol Nasi Padang
Famous for: Nasi Padang, rich indonesian flavours.

Bishamon Sapporo Ramen
Famous for: Their ramen, orginating from Sapporo, Hokkaido.

Starbucks Coffee
Famous for: Their frappucinos, ice blended coffee, muffins, cakes and more.

Ajisen Ramen
Famous for: Wide variety of japanese ramen, japanese flavoured soup base like miso or shoyu.

Shokudo Japanese Coffee House
Famous for: Japanese desserts, japanese infused with western flavoured pastas and tea time light bites.

Famous for: Now serving american style supreme breakfast meals on top of their usual burgers staples.
– Halal-certified

Famous for: Old meets new. Whipping up meesiam, laska, chicken curry and kaya toasts with kopi and teh.

Famous for: Western servings of pastas, main courses like lagsanas, fish and chips, ice creams and desserts.

MOS Burger
Famous for: Japanese Burgers and Fast Food Joint.

HoneyMoon Dessert
Famous for: Delectable Desserts.

Famous for: Western, european and portuguese cuisine, especially their Nando’s Chicken

Famous for: Serving a range of western grill, italian pizzas and pastas and european cuisine.

Fish & Co.
Famous for: Serving up different types of fish and chips, grilled seafood and pasta.

Tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto
Famous for: Brewing coffee is their specialization served with western main courses and high tea cakes.

MOF @ My Lzakaya
Famous for: A japanese restuarant and cafe.

Siam Kitchen
Famous for: Thai food like green curry, pandan chicken and all things spice, spicy and nice.

Famous: Mug pies, new york cheesecakes and all american favourites like pizzas and baked rice.

Wongkok Char Chan Teng
Famous for: Whipping up cantonese styled casual food and macau cuisine.

Ma Maison
Famous: The simple and square resturant that is famous for french-japanese infusion main courses.

Seoul Garden – The Table Barbeque People
Famous for: Barbeque food in a Do-It-Yourself manner Buffet.

Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant
Famous: Native china styled dishes like pork dumplings and ‘xiao long bao’.

Sakae Sushi
Famous for: Family friendly and budget friendly sushi place and an assortment of japanese dishes like bento sets, etc.

Food Junction
This is a food court spanning over half of level 3 of Bugis Junction. There are many stalls serving a sorts of cuisine for instance, asian food, japanese food, western food and mainly hawker fare in an air-conditioned place. Pretty affordable as compared to dining in a restaurant.

That’s not all, coming up next, even more food choices alongside Bugis.
If you know of any better food haunt, please feel free to let us know.

Kindly note that the above recommendations are of our bloggers’ own opinions and we do not represent any food vendors above but merely wish to provide our seminar room participants a more in depth knowledge of our venue.