Before coming to a decision of your seminar room selection, one of the most key points is determining how suitable it is. These are a few guidelines that you can follow with regards to suitability.

Firstly, does the venue fit the company’s corporate image? This first point can be further sub-divided into two points. There is the location and the room itself. For the location wise, you have to take into consideration the sort of image that your company once to portray. For example, if your company is luxurious and well-known, the location would have to be somewhere more glamorous such as in the town area or Central Business District (CBD). It would be a better choice over a not so accessible place. As for the room itself, consider what your company is about and if the vibes in room are align with it. If it doesn’t match with the company’s image, then it may be a wiser decision to avoid it and continue searching for a different room.

Secondly, the impression that you want to give to your clients is crucial. Clients do not wait for the speaker to start speaking before forming their first impressions. Their first impressions are already made the moment they stepped into the room. Hence, you will have to take into consideration how your clients will feel about it. Will it be too small for their liking? Is the lighting up to standard? Let’s not forget about the audio and visual equipment too. If it is a significant seminar, you won’t want your clients to feel that it is taking place in a budgeted room right?

Thirdly, does the room appeal to your target audience? Appeal ranges from the comfort of the seat to the design and colours of the room. It is essential that your clients are comfortable with the room the moment they stepped foot in it. In other words, it has to be clean and tidy. There has to be no rubbish lying around or unwanted scents in the room. Everything must be in placed and ordered and all preparations should be already ready. This will definitely give your clients a positive vibe about the room. Never underestimate the appeal the room can make on your clients.

Lastly, does the room offers any available staff and will these staffs provide your clients with a positive experience? This last point depends on the situation and on individuals. Some prefer using their own staff to handle the job as they might feel more comfortable with it. Others may feel that staffs are important, especially when it comes to setting up of the place. If you do require staffs, always check with them on what they have to offer. This could come in the form of cleaning the place before use or serving beverages. Whatever role you choose them to assist in, always ensure that they are properly dressed. After that, brief them on the dos and don’ts so that they are aware of their roles. It will definitely be an added advantage if they are capable of providing an even better experience for your clients.

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