Conducting a seminar is similar to writing an essay. It requires proper and fluid structure in order to wow your audience. This is something that many speakers tend to neglect. They head into a seminar without preparing the way in which they are going to organise their talk. This can potentially lead to a very confused audience or the speaker missing out on certain points. Therefore, a logical flow is required to get your point across in an effective manner. Here are some tips which may help you in your preparation.

Firstly, a seminar always starts with an introduction. This is probably one of the most important aspects of the seminar because your audience will form their first impressions of you. Always remember to keep your opening slide simple. It is crucial to be aware of who your audience are. If you are giving a seminar to people who are in the medical profession, then you can feel free to use medical terms. However, if you have a broad range of audience, try using layman terms instead, so that the majority of the audience will be able to comprehend. Also, try to begin your seminar with a clear statement of the topic, your intention and your approach. It is essential to capture the attention of your audience right from the start or they might end up getting bored. A little bit of background and history can also be helpful towards your audience.

After your introduction is done, you can proceed to the body of the seminar. This is everything that you would like to talk about. Always ensure that it is in a systematic order and not jumping back and forth. Remember, this is the part where you go into details. A good body will also mention the strategies and/or methods that were used to obtain the findings. The findings or results part should also be included at the end of the body.

Finally, end off your seminar with a strong conclusion and a brief summary of the entire thing. What you should note is that you have to be able to link everything back to your intention. This is a key to a good presentation. Once you have concluded and summarised your seminar, open the floor for questions to your audience. This is something that you shouldn’t miss in any seminars as it allows your audience to clear any outstanding doubts. Also, you can gather feedback on how well they understood your seminar. This can help you to improve in future seminars.

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