The time in which you allocated your seminar at is crucial in determining the turnout of your audience. This timing will have to be based on the professions of your targeted audience in order to cater to their schedule. Below are some examples which could help you to plan the best day and time to conduct your seminar for various profession groups.

Let us start with the housewives. Yes, although they may always be viewed as the ones who stay at home, that doesn’t represent that they are free for the entire day. They still have to do the household chores, cook and take care of the children at home. That pretty much takes up at least half the day already. Therefore, it would not be wise to allocate a seminar for them in the morning. Instead, try a timing between 3pm or 4pm. This will allow them to complete their work at home and rest before heading over to your seminar recharged. Weekdays are also more preferable as compared to weekends. This is because weekends are usually reserved for family time.

Next up will be the office workers. The typical office hours in Singapore is usually between 8am to 5pm or 9am to 6pm. However, there are times when unexpected overtime is required to be done. You will also need to take into consideration both the travelling time as well as dinner time, unless you are planning to provide refreshments for your audience. If you choose to conduct your seminar on a weekday, then a time between 7pm to 7:30pm would be ideal. However, if you choose to allocate your seminar on a weekend instead, there are a few additional things to take note of. Firstly, some office workers are required to work half day on Saturdays. Secondly, Sundays are usually spent in Church, with family or friends, or simply to rest. Hence, Saturdays at 2pm would be a good choice if it must be on a weekend.

Let’s not forget about the students. This group may occur to be the most “free” of all groups. This is not always the case though. Students can sometimes spend the whole day in school up to about 5pm or 6pm. Even after that, some might have CCAs to attend or other external commitments. Furthermore, they still have to get home early to study and rest for the next day. Just like the office workers, Sundays are usually spent in Church, with family or friends, or simply to rest. This leaves you with only Saturday to work with. There are also some CCAs that require students to come back on Saturday mornings too. So ideally, you should set your seminar for students on Saturdays at about 3pm.

These are merely some examples that could aid you in future. There are still other groups of people that aren’t mentioned here. What’s important is that you plan a suitable day and timing for your seminar so that you can reach out to as many of your target audience as possible. If you are looking for a place to conduct your seminar, check us out at ! We provide seminar room rental at affordable rates.