A normal seminar usually makes use of powerpoint slides during the presentation. However, it is important to ensure that the slides you prepared are suitable and acceptable for the seminar. There are many times when speakers do not pay attention to their slide preparation. This is actually a factor that can help enhance one’s speech and also better the understanding of the audience. Here are some of the most commonly made mistakes during slide preparations.

Firstly, probably the most common mistake that speakers make is the choice and the size of the font. This is the most crucial of all because if the font size is too small, the audience will not be able to see it. On the other hand, if the font size is too big, then it will become too distracting. A guideline that you can follow will be font size 48 for titles, font size 32 for list of points and font size 24 for normal text. The choice of the font is just as important depending on the type of seminar that is being conducted. For example, during a formal seminar, the usual font choices would be either Arial or Times New Roman.

Another common mistake that speakers make is the font colour that they use. The standard colour on a white background would be none other than black. This is also the normal setting during a formal seminar. However, there are times when speakers want to emphasise a certain point. This is when they tend to choose a different colour to make it look outstanding. In this case, ensure that it has good colour combination and contrast with the background and try to keep the colour consistent. For example, a good choice would be red coloured fonts on black background. A bad choice would be yellow fonts on white background.

The third common mistake is overloading too much information on one slide. This makes the slide very messy and the audience will only become confused. Always remember that slides do not require you to zoom in on the fine details. You are only required to list out the main points on the slides and elaborate the rest of the details through your speech. Reading everything from the slide is a bad way of giving a presentation.

Lastly, there are many speakers who like using animations in their slides. However, you should take note that animations should actually only be used when required. This is because animations can turn out to be very distracting. In other words, the focus of your audience might divert from you to the screen instead. This should never be the case. Afterall, you are the one who is giving the seminar and the slides are only suppose to assist you.

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