One of the most important factors in determining if a seminar is good is based on the public speaking ability of the speaker. Public speaking is crucial and that is also what majority of the audience will judge the speaker on. Here are three essential steps for effective public speaking.

First of all, voice projection has to be loud and clear. However, do not result to shouting as it can rub your audience the wrong way and give them a different impression of you. The size of the room also plays a role in deciding how loud your voice should be. It would be ideal to do a sound check with the furthest member of the audience to check if they are able to hear you. If your voice is too soft and members at the back are unable to hear you, you can expect to receive negative feedback or people walking out of the seminar. Voice clarity is just as significant. It would be absolutely pointless if people are able to hear you, but unable to make out the words that you are speaking. It would probably leave them feeling confused and/or even annoyed.

Apart from voice projection, the second thing that you should bear in mind is making eye contact with your audience. Although it is not really possible to have eye contact with everyone in the audience especially if it is a large seminar, always try your best to identify some members to maintain occasional eye contact with. This can make a difference between a good speaker and a not so good one. The reason is because eye contact showcase the confidence of the speaker. For a speaker who looks down all the time, it would be pretty obvious to tell that he or she is nervous. This usually doesn’t sit well with the audience.

Lastly, when you are giving a seminar, it is critical to be enthusiastic about it. The energy level of the speaker also determines the energy level and response from the audience. If you aren’t enthusiastic when speaking, most of the audience will end up getting bored and some might even fall asleep. This is something that you should always avoid. Instead, you should be able to engage them well and maintain their interest. Do not let them drift away into a world of their own. A good speaker will always find ways to make the seminar lively and entertaining.

Public speaking is a skill that can be learnt. Yes, there are speakers who are gifted in it and more natural on stage. However, regular practice does make a difference too and overtime, one will become more natural as well. Do not mistake reading from a paper as being a seminar presentation though. If you intend to hold a seminar soon, check us out at as we offer rental of seminar rooms at an affordable price.