Previously, we talked about how a seminar could go terribly wrong if you head into it without proper preparations. Well, a good way to be better prepared for the seminar is by anticipating the questions that will be asked by the audience or coming up with counter-arguments to support your points as much as you can. This will provide you with an edge, so that you will be more confident when you invite your audience to ask questions about your presentation. Furthermore, your confidence will come across when you are able to answer their questions efficiently without stuttering. This will make a huge difference in your audience opinion of you.

Whenever you open the floor to your audience, it is normal to receive inquiries and disagreements with some of the points that you have made earlier. You should consider yourself rather if nothing is being brought up. In fact, if you are selling a product or promoting your business, this is probably one of the most critical parts of your seminar. Some of your audience will gauge your confidence solely on this and it will assist them in making a decision on what you have to offer. Therefore, you should definitely aim to ace this section in order to win them over.

Let’s imagine that you are giving a seminar on your newly launched product. Take for example, you are promoting a brand new all natural shampoo. There will probably be some who are skeptical, resulting in more questions being asked by them. Put yourself in their shoes and think from their perspective. Some of them might ask questions that may seem relatively straightforward to you. However, you will have to bare in mind that your audience might not have the same expertise as you. Therefore, it would be ideal to give an explanation that everyone is capable of understanding.

For an all natural shampoo, anticipate questions such as the ingredients used as well as the similarities and differences as compared to normal shampoo. Also, be prepared to counter any arguments about the effects it has on our hair. All natural shampoos tend to cost more compared to normal shampoo. Hence, you should also be able to justify the price that is being charged. If you can respond to such questions in a fluent and efficient manner, you will be able to gain plus points from the audience.

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