At Seminar Room, we commit to the following:
  • The air conditioner is working, cold and well serviced.
  • The projectors are working and the colour of the projection is very close to your actual computer screen resolution and colouring.
  • The sound systems and mic systems are tested before your event to make sure the interference is minimum.
  • All lights are in working condition.
  • The wireless Internet is running smoothly.
  • A bowl of complimentary sweets are present for your participants.
  • The event sign has been put up an hour before your event.
  • The flip chart paper is filled up.
  • Flip chart markers have sufficient ink.
  • The water dispenser is working.
  • The hot water function on the dispenser is on.
  • Plastic cups are filled up.
  • The wastepaper basket is emptied.
  • The hand soap dispenser is filled.
  • The tissue box is filled.
  • Toilet paper is readily supplied.
  • The chairs and tables are neatly arranged for your event.
  • The floor is vacuumed and the Seminar Room is cleaned.
  • The toilets are cleaned and dry.
  • The printer has ink and paper in case you need to print something urgently.

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