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A good long-term relationship is about Win-Win. While we will do our best to help make your event a success, we kindly seek your cooperation on the issues below…

  • No Smoking is allowed inside the Seminar Room.
  • Please keep the place as clean as you found it. Just because we will clean the room after your session doesn’t mean you have the right to mess it up.
  • Do report all spills or damages to us. It is basic honesty and responsibility.
  • Do use all the equipment, furniture, stationary and restrooms appropriately like it is yours!
  • Do not register your company using our address.
  • You are welcome to feature our address in your media advertisement but not our contact number.
  • Avoid speaking out on discrimination topics, which divides society. Examples are speeches on politics, gender, religion, race, etc. It is fine to promote yourself without putting others down.
  • Do allow us to conduct viewings for other clients in case they happen to show up during your event. We promise to be as un-obstructive as possible.
  • Do not violate any copyright in our premises. Make sure you have the rights to play whichever media you are playing in the Seminar Room.
  • Note that printing, copying and faxing are chargeable at a nominal fee of $0.10 per page / copy. Scanning is free. Please let us know in advance if you wish to use the printer.
  • Do try to end your event on time and remove all your equipment as well as encourage your participants not to loiter around. We reserve the right to charge for extended use.

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