There are many individuals who neglect preparing a seminar checklist when they plan a seminar. Majority of them feel that it is not necessary and it would simply be redundant as well as a waste of time to do so. However, by preparing a seminar checklist, one would be better prepared for the actual event and feel more confident, given that all the details have already been settled.

The first step is to identify the seminar topic in order to assist you in assessing your needs. You cannot simply decide to hold a seminar prior to deciding the topic for it. This has to be something that you are confirmed and set on doing. Ideally, it should work to your strengths. In other words, you should have a strong grasp of knowledge and experience of what you are presenting. More importantly, you have to believe in what you are presenting. If you yourself do not believe in the things you are sharing, then it will be highly likely that your audience will not believe you too.

There are many different types of seminars, so you would need to adjust your checklist based on the type of seminar you are organising. For example, if this is a product information seminar, then your list will have to include product demonstration needs. These are the basic requirements you would need in order to demonstrate your product. It would be rather unprofessional to realise that you are missing something midway through your demonstration. Therefore, a checklist helps to prevent such scenarios from occurring.

Aside from a product information seminar, there can also be seminars that educate attendees on a specific topic. For this type of seminars, you could consider including posters production in your list. This can aid you to support your message with a visual. Even if you choose not to use a poster, you would need at least a powerpoint presentation. What should be included in the list would be the items you required in order to get the powerpoint presentation running. This can include a laptop, a flash drive, a compact disc and so on. At the same time, don’t forget to have a backup or two ready just in case.

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