I think most people are familiar with the phrase ‘seeing is believing’. It basically means that it is more convincing to one when he/she actually gets to have a look at the physical thing. This goes the same for a seminar too. If you wish to perfect it, you have to make your audience believe in it. In order for them to believe in it, they must be able to conceptualise the topic of discussion. This can be done by providing your audience with visuals to assist in their conceptualisation.

If you do decide on using visuals, you will first need to consider the size of your audience as well as the venue. The very basic step is to ensure that your visuals are large enough so that all of your participants are able to see. It would be extremely pointless and a total waste of effort as well as time for you to come up with something that not all of them are able to have a good vision at.

Most of the time, multimedia visuals used will be projected on a large screen in front of all your audience. Therefore, the second step you should take is to test these visuals on the screen to make sure that they are easy for everyone to see. This step can be done by putting yourself in the shoes of an audience member. Ideally, take a sit right at the back of the venue and get someone to play the visuals. If you can see everything clearly without having to squint your eyes, then you are on the right track.

Another phrase that most people are familiar with is ‘too much of anything is bad’. Always keep this in mind when you create your visuals as by having a large amount of information, regardless of photos and/or texts, it can overwhelm your audience. When they are overwhelmed, chances are that they will not be able to focus well as they would normally otherwise. This could possibly result in them not having a pleasant experience, which is definitely something that all speakers/presenters try to avoid. At the same time, by having too complicated visuals, it would also be a challenge for you to process. One has to remember that although visuals are important, at the end of the day, it is still your content and presentation skills that makes the difference.

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