Nowadays, it is extremely important to differentiate your seminar from that of your competitors. Naturally, one would weigh and compare the benefits of what various seminars have to offer before coming to a decision. Hence, by having an edge in a certain way, it can determine the attendance and turnout of your audience. Yes, cost is always one of the first few factors that comes into one’s mind, but if you can portray your seminar to show that it is worth the value, then you will be able to convince others to choose yours over others.

When it comes to value, the way people gauge a seminar is by the speaker(s). If you are the one presenting alone, think about how well known you are based on the perception of others. At the same time, do they perceive you as an expert in the area of what you are presenting about? If the answer to both of the questions is no, then you would need to take additional steps to enhance your seminar’s value. Also, if you are a new player in the market, not many people would know you, so inviting guest speakers could aid you in a way of two.

Before you decide on who you would like to invite, always check to see if your seminar aligns with the area of expertise of the speaker. It would be extremely pointless to invite a speaker if he/she presents on something that has absolutely no relation to your seminar. Also, it would not be the best of ideas to invite speakers to touch on something that is outside of their expert area. That will totally defeat the whole purpose and would probably not impress your audience too. Whichever speaker you choose to invite, you should always allow them to speak passionately about the topic the seminar focuses on. At the same time, make sure that they keep according to your schedule if you have other speakers presenting afterwards and ensure that they do not stray away from the topic they are supposed to present on.

At the end of the day, guest speakers help to provide a platform for yourself. However, the rest is still up to you. You will still need to use own ability and presentation skills to convince your audience that they made the right decision in selecting you seminar. Of course, the content of your seminar has to be worthwhile as well.

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