Whenever anyone decides on holding a seminar, there has to be a certain goal for doing so. Nobody would take the time, effort and cost to do so if they do not already have a clear and specific goal in their head. Hence, this is one of the first few things that you should determine before actually deciding on organising your seminar.

There can be many goals or purposes or reasons for organising a seminar. Yes, one of the most obvious reasons would be to generate profits if you are a professional speaker. However, this is not the only goal that you should have it mind. In fact, thinking about profits alone is rather narrow minded of one. You should take into consideration the bigger picture and go beyond profits alone. This means that you should be thinking ahead and how you can have a long term growth.

Firstly, reputation as an expert in a particular area has to be built up. There is noone that can simply show up one day and become an expert, whom everyone looks up to. Everyone has to start from scratch. Therefore, building up your reputation is crucial. With a high reputation, you won’t even need to invest much in marketing your seminar, people will naturally come to you and perhaps even make a booking. So when you are still fresh and new, it is important to establish a good, clean reputation. Rome wasn’t build in a day, so you can’t expect reputation to be an instant effect. It takes time and probably years. However, you should press on and improve each time you have a seminar.

So how can you get people to attend your seminar? Yes, marketing helps to introduce you to new people. However, retention is just as critical. In fact, it is easy to get a participant to return for your next seminar rather than to attract someone new. Think of ways to possibly increase your seminar attendance in future. This can be by having a refresher course or having a course that is an updated version of the previous (considering that the world is changing rapidly, this shouldn’t be too tough of an issue). Retention also enables you to have a pool of participants ready and you won’t have to start promoting from zero participants. In the long run, you will be able to notice how significant it makes an impact.

Lastly, consider what your seminar offers besides merely generating profits. Do you wish to encourage attendants to carry out a specific action, such as donating to a specific cause? Or is there a some cause you support strongly and would like to share it with others, such as going green? With all these in mind, it makes your seminar more genuine and sincere.

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