Keeping track of the number of attendees who have arrived at your seminar is key. With this in mind, you would have a rough idea of how many have yet to turn up. If you have a proper sign-in sheet, then you will be able to call them to check on their whereabouts and if they are still coming. This is effective in assisting you in deciding if you should begin your presentation or delay it till more have arrived.

With a sign-in sheet, attendees will be able to find their names to confirm on their arrival at your seminar. In fact, it works to the advantage of both you as well as your attendees. Obviously, for yourself, it helps in determining who has arrive. As for the attendees wise, it aids in ensuring that they are at the correct venue and seminar. Furthermore, creating sign-in sheets aren’t much of a hassle. It can be easily done with Microsoft Excel and it is capable of producing a professional outlook. In the sign-in sheet, you can choose to include the participant’s name, address, contact number and email address. You might also want to consider including¬†a box which they can tick if they would like to receive further communication from you.

Sign-in sheets are of a great assistance too if some of your attendees decide to bring along additional guests to attend your seminar. Hence, remember to leave a reasonable amount of space at the bottom of the sheets just in case. With that, these additional guests will be able to fill up their particulars to keep you updated of the numbers. Let’s not forget that by having their contacts listed down, you will be able to contact them for future seminars.

A sign-in sheet is a great tool to aid you in follow ups. If you have plans to organise another seminar or a revision, it can be an extremely useful portal. You would be able to stay in contact with your current participants and seek referrals from them too. Therefore, always remember to include a sign-in sheet for your seminars, even if you do not have a huge turnout. It is through such means that allows you to broaden your network with others.

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