As we all know, before setting up the venue for your seminar in advance is significant in obtaining good impressions from your participants. You won’t want them to walk into your seminar, noticing the place not properly set up. An even worse scenario would be them arriving at your seminar while you and your crew are still in the midst of setting the place up. This would definitely not reflect well on you. Even though you might only be the speaker, it is still your duty to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Ideally, it would be wise to set up the venue a day before the actual event. However, not all venues will allow this. The reason being that they might have another event going on the day before or even in the morning of your actual event. It would be wise to check with them on this in advance too, so that you will know exactly when you can commerce your set up. There is no specific amount of hours required for setting up the venue as it really depends on the number of participants and the equipment that are being used as well.

Most venues would have staffs to assist you in setting the place up for your seminar. However, it would be better for you to be personally down there to supervise and monitor them. This allows you to instruct them in order to get the exact set up that you desire. At the same time, you will also be able to place your Writing Materials on each seat. You might even be able to get help from the venue staff when they are done with the set up. This saves you the trouble of having to check with your participants if they require any writing materials, later, during your seminar.

After everything has been set up the way that you want it to be, remember to take a walk around the entire room. When you are walking around, make sure that each participant will have a clear view of the front where you will be doing your presentation. If you are using a projector to display your slides, take random seats around the room to check if you are able to have a clear view of the screen. You might want to consider making rearrangements if your checks doesn’t fulfill your desired outcome.

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