For any seminar to take place successfully, confirmation has to be carried out to ensure that everything is in take and go according to plan. Failing to do so could result in a poorly organised seminar. This will cause your participants to have a bad impression of you and it will definitely not reflect well on the company that you are representing. Hence, always ensure that your details are confirmed and double confirmed before the actual event takes place. Here are some things that you should take note of.

Firstly, do a finalisation of the venue with your contact person. It would be advisable to do this at least three working days prior to the actual event. This is to ensure that the venue you have chosen is really reserved for your seminar. There are incidents when payments were already made, but the contact person totally forgot about the reservation. By doing a finalisation, it prevents such incidents from occurring and at the same time, guarantees that your venue is booked.

Secondly, try to have a confirmation of the final head count who will be attending your seminar. It would be ideal if you can actually settle this portion at least three days before the event. Needless to say, there will always be some last minute changes. Hence, do not expect the exact number to show up. Nonetheless, it is always better to make preparations for more rather than less.

Thirdly, if you are catering food for your participants, this is a crucial point that you should take caution of. Remember, this is just the confirmation part. In other words, for the actual orders, you should have already done it at least two weeks in advance. Once again, for confirmation with regards to catering, get it done three days ahead to prevent any hiccups from happening. This finalisation should just be a double confirmation. However, if you do need to make some last minute adjustments, at least you have a grace period of three days. Aside from the food, remember to check with the caterer if he supplies the necessary utensils such as plates, napkins or cups. Also, do try to clarify on the payment as some of them require an upfront payment, while others are alright with payment on the very day of your seminar.

Whenever you decide to plan for a seminar, remember not to take things for granted. Without confirmation, things could go horribly wrong. Looking for a venue to host your seminar? Check out what we have to offer! Kindly refer to our website for more details.