Greeting your participants upon their arrival could be just what it takes to get things on the right foot. A basic form of courtesy could go a long way as it helps in providing your participants with a good impression of you to begin with. Hence, always ensure that a plan is in placed for yourself or a representative from your company to be present when the first guests start arriving on the day of your seminar.

Although there is really no way to estimate how early some of the participants might arrive, you and your crew should already be well prepared and ready for them. As majority of you would be at the venue earlier setting up, this shouldn’t be much of an issue. Ideally, your entire team should be ready for the arrival of the participants an hour before the actual seminar. Although most participants would probably not arrive that early, it gives you the opportunity to mingle with the early comers and get to know them better.

At the same time, it is also important for you or your team members to greet your participants and direct them to the sign-in sheet. This sign-in sheet is used to check against the number of participants who have arrived. It gives you an idea of how early you can start or how long more you should wait. Obviously, if everyone has arrived before the published time of your seminar, you can proceed to begin your presentation. I’m pretty sure that nobody would make a big fuss over it if your seminar were to end earlier.

If you are providing refreshments before your seminar begins, you can also direct the early comers to the refreshment area. This gives them ample time to fill their stomach before the seminar actually starts. They can also take this additional time to get to know the other participants who are attending your seminar. This helps in extending their social circle and network with people from various walks of life. Thus, when you actually start your presentation, they would have already known as least one other person.

Finally, as most participants would prefer to be attentive during your seminar, they would prefer to visit the restroom before your presentation actually begins. Hence, if you or your team members are present upon their arrival, you could direct them to the location of the restroom.

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