Unexpected guests are basically anyone who arrives at your seminar without an invitation or prior notification. It is important to know how to handle and deal with such individuals as it can reflect your image. At the same time, you want to make sure that there are enough seats available for all your invited guests. Whichever course of action you decide to take, always bear in mind that there are other guests around who will notice how you handle such a situation.

The best way to manage unexpected guests is to make preparations before hand. In other words, aside from the registered and confirmed guests that you have accounted for, make preparations for additional guests who might show up unexpectedly. Ideally, they should have a seat as well as the necessary materials and supplies that everyone will be getting. So how many additional guests should you accommodate for? It will be a relatively safe bet between 15 to 20 people.

So what if you do not have the space enough for that many additional guests? Then, try your best to accommodate as many as you possibly can. If you are working around a very constraint area, then try to take away tables and just fill them with seats. It might not be the most conducive or convenient idea for the unexpected guests, but at least they will still be able to attend your seminar rather than being turned away completely. Regardless, always give priority to your registered and confirmed guests as they are the ones who have stated their interest before the actual day of the event. Hence, they deserve to get the better seats as compared to those who turn up only at the lat minute.

Always have a name list ready for the guests that you are expecting and get them to provide some sort of identification. Once you have checked and verified them against your name list, lead them straight to their seat. This will allow you to separate them from the unexpected guests, so that you will know where to allocate each of them. At the end of the day, if you do not have sufficient seats left for additional guests, then you will have no other choice but to turn them away. This is definitely not the best case scenario, but it is definitely one that is the most fair, especially towards those that had registered.

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