There is always this ever popular phrase that says “state to the plan”. This goes the same for a seminar. Well, before even sticking to it, there has to be one to begin with. You should know that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So always come up with a schedule for your seminar proceedings. Ensure that during that entire period of time available, you allocate sufficient time to each portion of your seminar.

The most ideal way to assist in scheduling is to come up with a timeline and stick to it throughout as much as you possibly can during the whole seminar. To ensure that you stay on track, make sure that you do not let certain portions of the event be dragged on. A good example would be not to allocate so much time for lunch or breaks in between. A typical lunch should be no more than an hour. As for breaks, half an hour would be more than sufficient already. Before letting your guests off for lunch or break, provide them with a gentle reminder of the time the seminar will resume and stick to it. If there are a few that still do not arrive back on time, just go ahead and continue with the seminar. Firstly, it would not be fair towards those who were early to wait even longer. Secondly, it could cause a domino effect, where other parts of the seminar will eventually get dragged on.

During the seminar, you should always allow your participants to be engaged with the speaker(s) as much as they possible can despite the short time they are there. The most obvious and common way is by having a questions and answers section at the end of the session. You can even inform those without any questions to leave first if they prefer. This will guarantee that you do not waste their time as some might have other appointments to rush to immediately after the seminar. For those that do stay though, you have to know how much time to allocate to each person as well as the entire group. The speaker(s) cannot possibly spend the whole day there as they too, might have other commitments to attend to after the seminar. This is also why sticking to schedule is key because the participants’ engagement time with the speaker(s) might get cut short if things were to be dragged on.

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