There are some seminars that have sales offers for the participants to purchase. If your seminar is one of those, then perhaps you can read this to learn more about product placement and how you can convince more participants to make purchase and not walk away empty handed. There are quite a number of seminars that fail to hit their sales target after all is said and done. The main reason for this is because there is no properly structured way of delivering the sales offers.

The first crucial step to improving your sales number is to position the offer to make it visible to your participants. This does not matter if it is tangible like a physical item or if it is intangible such as courses. At the end of it all, it still has to be visible and convenient for your participants. Hence, ensure that you have in place either a counter or a table near the entrance/exit doors of your venue. By having such a minor change/addition, major effects can still possibly take place.

For most seminars, this sales portion usually occurs at the very end. For courses that are on offer, it is usually done verbally. For example, the speaker might just request for a raise of hands for those who may be interested. Alternatively, the speaker may inform the participants to approach the staff if they are keen. However, there are some participants who are relatively shy and might not feel comfortable with such arrangements. Therefore, the best solution is still to have an available counter/table for them to approach.

As for physical products that you intend to make profits from, a table is still required for participants to view the item. Participants tend to be more likely to purchase products if they are visible when entering and exiting the room. Although there are times when personal selling is used to convince participants and rack up sales, some do not favour such means. In fact, they may either feel irritated or even annoyed by it. If the item is on display when they are on their way out, the chances are that they will be willing to stop and take a look at it before heading out. Therefore, strategic product placement is valuable to boost up the sales numbers.

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