Details, details and more details. That is exactly what every event requires in order to be a success. Managing a seminar isn’t any much different. Without having the precise and specific details, things can go very wrong. Hence, in order to manage your seminars well, the very first step is to ensure that all the necessary details that you require have been taken care of in advance. These details have to be all the way down to the nitty-gritty.

For example, finalising the venue of the seminar. Always do a double check to ensure that it has been confirm as this is probably one of the most, if not the most, aspect of a seminar. Without a venue, you can totally forget about your presentation. Give at least a week or two to confirm with the person in charge that the venue has already been booked for you. A verbal confirmation alone is not significant, so try to get an e-mail confirmation at the very least. As the date draws nearer, say 3 or 4 working days before, call the person in charge just to make sure that everything is on the right track and that there isn’t any surprises to ruin it all.

If you need to rent tables or chairs, make sure that you do it in advance. For such physical and tangible equipment, it would be wise to personally go down and take a look at what is being offered. Sometimes, it can be quite a challenge to gauge such stuff through photos or worse still, verbally over the phone. When you are physically there to take a look, you can choose exactly what you desire, be it the size, material and/or even the colour. Once you have come to a decision, make sure a receipt is issued to you with the correct code number and/or delivery date. Make sure that you double check and confirm again on all these at least a week before the seminar.

Another important detail is to make sure that vendors or staff members know exactly where to go, what time to be there and what their roles they will play on the day of the seminar. All of these has to be decided and conveyed to the respective parties at least a month before. Then, a week before the actual seminar, a gentle reminder should be sent to them.

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