Where are you located?

Our main location is at 51Cuppage Road (ex-StarHub Building). Do look at our Room Pricing page for a summary of locations we have available!

What about parking facilities?

All of our locations have convenient parking locations nearby!

You can part at the following area:
1) 51 Cuppage Road
2) The Centerpoint
3) The Concorde Hotel


What are your operating hours?

We are open daily from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.
Usage in the evenings is also available from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm. 

What makes you different from other seminar room vendors?

Everybody is different in their own ways. From our experience as Speakers ourselves, we believe in having a convenient location, ample parking and a full range of facilities. We do not like lugging our own projector and bringing our own mikes and speakers.

Thus, we chose to set up Seminar Room in convenient locations with shopping mall parking lots. We have included everything a Speaker would love in a Seminar Room, such as fast wireless Internet, Water Dispenser, Cushioned Seats, Comfortable Restroom, Projectors and a good quality audio system with both wireless hand-held and lapel mikes. Of course, the standard Flip Chart and Markers are available too!

Do you have other seminar room locations?

We have recently added multiple listing to our offerings, do click on our “Room Rates” link in the menu to see all our locations!
We are constantly looking for more great locations to develop into friendly Seminar Rooms. If you have a good location or a good suggestion, do contact us!

The number of participants I have exceeds the capacity stated for your rooms. What do you suggest?

We are able to make special arrangements that will enable us to help you fit your required number of pax!
Do call us to arrange on a case by case basis.

I have attended other Seminars where they have seats that are uncomfortable. What kind of tables and chairs do you have?

This is a common complaint by Seminar Participants who have attended Seminars where simple plastic chairs are used. Those chairs are good for short term sitting but not for long hours.

As a result, we have cushioned chairs on BOTH the seat and the backrest to maximize comfort for our Seminar Participants!

We use good standard tables. It is a foldable training table that can seat 2 people comfortably per table. They are solid stable and black in colour with 4 sockets of 3-pin plug power supply.

I have to use my own laptop for my Seminar. Can I come in earlier to set it up? How early can I come?

Yes. We love it when people come in early to set up. It shows us two things. One, they are professional and passionate about their work. It is always nice to work with people who are punctual and prepared. Two, it gives a good impression to participants who show up early too. Can you imagine attending a Seminar whereby you are even earlier than the organizers?

We provide 30 minutes setup time for clients. Should you require longer setup period, talk to us and we will try our best to accommodate your request. We usually welcome organizers to come in earlier so we can also go through the audio system and mike system with them. We can also do some simple troubleshooting or even make some adjustments to the furniture.

However, there are times when we have booking back to back. We may have an event from 9 am ~ 5 pm and the next event from 7 pm ~ 10 pm. Under such circumstances, we will seek everybody’s cooperation to make sure the earlier event finishes on time and we can do area cleaning plus rearrange the furniture for the evening event. We will definitely ensure that all our organizers have at least 30 minutes to set up their Seminar stuff.

At the end of the day, it is not about us making the most money by filling every available time slot but to work with all our clients in a Win-Win situation!

I am holding a Preview Session for my Seminar. I am not sure of the number of people coming in to attend my Preview. How do I make sure I have enough chairs for my event?

We have rooms of many various sizes, do check out our individual room listings for more information!
We will keep or lay out more chairs according to your needs.
We can prepare more chairs stacked at the back of the room so you can add more chairs as more participants come in.
When that really happens, we offer you our heartiest congratulations!

Originally, I wanted 30 chairs and tables. Due to a last minute overwhelming response, now I needed 40 chairs and tables. What should I do?

Let us know as soon as possible. Call us immediately and we will try to work out a solution.

One of my participants accidentally spills a can of coke / dropped food on the carpet floor. What should I do?

Remain calm. Pick up and dispose of anything that can be picked up.
Get one of your staff to use tissue paper from the office to clean the mess or soak up the liquid.
Remind all your participants to avoid the dirtied area.
After the Seminar, inform us about it. We will see what we can do to clean it up properly.

Is there a place I can hang my poster / banner / signage?

Yes, there is. We have an A4 Landscape made of clear plastic outside the Seminar Room door where you can place a poster or a sign.


Can I stick some things on the wall?

We do not advise people sticking things on the wall.
However, if you must do so, kindly use the adhesive that would NOT leave any mark.
As an act of courtesy, do tell us about it beforehand.
We can try out the adhesive first before allowing you to use it.


Where can I set up my catering?

Depending on your crowd size, the catering can be done at the side or at the back of the Seminar Room.
Alternatively, we do recommend lunch boxes. We have quite a few good ones to choose from as provided by our Halal-Certified Caterer.
Basically, there are no queuing, fewer chances of food spilling and everyone gets a fair share of food.
You can even allow the participants to cross the road to nearby shopping centres where there are dozens of eateries available.
It may be a good break for them.


Do you charge GST or are there any hidden costs?

We do not charge GST and there are no hidden costs.
There is only the nominal $0.10 per copy/page chargeable for using our printer to fax, print and copy.
Scanning is absolutely free.
The other possible costs are in terms of last minute room timing extension or damages within the Seminar Room, which we promise to be very reasonable about.

Can I have a viewing for your seminar room?

Absolutely! Call us now @ 6850 5451 for a viewing appointment!

How do I make payment to confirm my Seminar Room and what about the balance payment?

When you decide to confirm your Seminar Room during a viewing, you can issue a cheque or pay cash on the spot.
We always can generate secured electronically payment link that you may make payment through any major credit card or Paypal account.

We also accept funds transfers in case you decide to confirm the Seminar Room booking but are unable to come down personally.
Please email us the fund transfer details or the fund transfer receipt once the transfer is done.

How early can I hold my event and how late can I end my event?

Almost all our bookings begin at 9 am and are completed by 10 pm.
If you have any extraordinary timing needs, do talk to us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

When I have a three full day consecutive event, do I need to clear the room everyday?

For security reasons, we will need to come in to check and lock up the room after each day.
In the morning, we will unlock the room again for your event.
You are free to leave your belongings in the Seminar Room overnight at your own risk.
In addition, we will need a coordinator from the organizer to ensure the handover / taking over of the Seminar Room.

What audio visual equipment do you provide?

There is a dedicated sound system (2 sets of ECLER speakers with mixer) which is more than sufficient for the seminar rooms.
The system is linked to a drop-down EPSON Short Throw projector which projects onto a 7-foot screen, supports most of the Apple Mac or Window based notebooks, thumb-drives.

We also have a set of 1 cordless mikes and 1 lapel microphone per room
The 15mbps fibre optic wireless internet connectivity is available to use.