In part one, we talked about how facilities such as equipment, services and refreshments has to be taken into consideration when we are choosing a seminar room. Aside from all the considerations mentioned in part one, there are still a few more additional ones. The facilities that we are going to talk about in part two will reflect on your organisation and can ultimately help to enhance it. Thus, if you would like to impress your clients further, here are some pointers that you can follow.

Firstly, keep a look out if the selected venue provides a car park for your clients. As there will always be a number of them who drives, this is an important factor to them. They wouldn’t want to end up having to park elsewhere and walk a distance to the venue. That would totally defeat the purpose of them having a car. If the venue has a car park, always check the number of lots too. Once again, if the venue has a car park but with very few lots, then you wouldn’t be able to cater the rest of those who are driving. This makes it a hassle for them to find another car park.

Another thing that you should note is how well the seminar room is ventilated and temperature controlled. Clients would definitely not appreciate it if the room is stuffy, considering the already warm weather in Singapore. Without proper ventilation, there will not be fresh air circulation. This can cause the room to become stuffy and annoy your clients. Also, it is important for you to have control over the temperature. If clients complain that it is too warm or too cold, you’ll be able to have access to either increase or decrease the temperature. If you aren’t even able to manage that, you will surely end up with many unhappy clients.

The third thing to be aware of is the facilities surrounding the venue of your seminar room. This can include restaurants, shopping malls or any other form of entertainment. This is because some clients like to engage in post-seminar activities to socialise with one another. However, if they are required to travel elsewhere, it might not be very convenient. Hence, the surrounding facilities also play an essential role and should be taken into consideration when you choose a seminar room. This can determine how your clients ultimately view your organisation.

Lastly, check if both the seminar room and venue is capable of catering to handicap people. Often, this step is missed out as many organisations do not view it as necessary. You have to always take precautions and be prepared for this sort of scenarios just in case. Most of the time, you wouldn’t know if there will be any handicap individuals attending your seminar. If you are unable to cater to their needs, it will reflect poorly on your organisation and clients wouldn’t provide much positive feedback. Therefore, you will need to be sensitive to such issues too.

Based on all these considerations to bare in mind, you might realise that finding a suitable seminar room isn’t as easy as you thought. It requires time and effort to search for a suitable one with the necessary facilities. If you would like a seminar room that is capable of offering you such facilities, then do check us out at !