Some of the things to consider when deciding on a seminar room includes the location, suitabilityavailability and size of the seminar room. Apart from all of these, one also has to pay attention to the facilities offered in the seminar room.

First and foremost, for the equipment wise, ensure that you double check what is available and the quantity that is available. Some of the more important equipment required in a seminar are computers, projectors, whiteboards, stationery. Even if there is an available computer, it is still recommended that you bring along your own laptop with you. This is because you will be more familiar with your own laptop and won’t have to waste additional time configuring the settings out. By having knowledge of the equipment and the quantity available, you will be able to determine if the price you are paying for worth the money.

Secondly, services such as WiFi, photocopying and faxing are important to take into consideration too. You might want to reconsider the venue if they do not offer WiFi. The internet nowadays is considered to be a very basic requirement. The chances of you or your clients referring to the internet during the seminar is very high. This is because the internet provides us with a lot of information. As for photocopying and faxing services, it might not always be common in seminar rooms nowadays. If you have it, then it truly is a bonus. Alternatively, you can always distribute your information via email. Hence, WiFi is once again crucial.

Another thing to consider is the type and amount of refreshments provided. The most basic that a seminar room should have is a water dispenser. Apart from that, some offer a coffee or tea machine or even a vending machine. The more exclusive ones may even offer simple snacks like sandwiches. Also check if there is a staff who will assist with the preparation and serving. Do take note that the rate of some seminar rooms might vary if you request for a staff to help. If refreshments in the form of food is provided, always check if the food is suitable for everyone. For example, if there are Muslims attending the seminar, food has to be halal. If there are vegetarians attending, check if they can be catered for. Some Buddhists do not take beef as well. Sandwiches are still the best choice for light snacks.

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