Event Space Rental Singapore

Event Space Rental Singapore


Any veteran event organizer will tell you the same criteria for choosing a place to host your event: a balance between Convenience and Price.

Although Singapore is a small country by any standard, locals are likewise used to travelling quickly to their destinations. Unless it is for work, most people dread spending more than 40 minutes on the road.

Event organizers are usually at the mercy of the public. Without a heavy pull factor, an event hosted at an inconvenient location will expect dismal attendance. If admission fees are chargeable, the calculative consumer will seek alternatives instead.

A reason that is not often mentioned is also the ‘face value’ of the host. Imagine a couple holding their baby shower at a 5 star hotel along orchard road versus another couple holding a baby shower at the void deck of a HDB flat.

As a result, people tend to have their events situated within town area. Town area simply means the Central Business District and unknown to most people, also covers Orchard Road.

For the deep pockets and deeply conscious hosts, nothing less than a full works function at a 5 star hotel will suffice. But for every premium event, there are many more who cannot afford the bells and whistles, or basically do not feel the need to do so. These are the wise ones who can see through the empty façade of ‘show business’.

Nevertheless, the party must go on, and in Singapore, not everybody lives in the CBD. Even if you do, the odds are there that your residence is only good for residing, not for an event.

The ideal scenario is to rent a decent space in town that can fit your crowd size. You can DIY everything, from catering to registration, etc. This will ease your spending and still leave a good impression on people. This is called: Being resourceful!

At Seminar Room, we are conveniently located next to Central MRT Stations, where there are plenty of food choices, parking lots and definitely well priced to suit most budgets. Give us a call today and find out how we can work for your event.

So we want to add something to your list of consideration.

A Convenient Location

With ample parking, MRT and serviced by many buses

High Speed Fiber Internet

For Video Conferencing, normal web surfing, etc

Spacious Environment

Seat up to 180 people in theatre style seating

  • Drinking water available via a Water Dispenser (Hot & Cold).
  • Projectors or Extra Large-Screen for all the seminar room.
  • Classy and clean washroom within the level of the building.
  • Powerful Air-Conditioning for a comfortable event environment.
  • Conveniently of holding your meeting in such prestige locations.
  • Availability of power points and extension cords for charging your laptop and devices.

So be prepared to have an enjoyable event with our Seminar Room, we will prepare the location and coordinate your logistics matters accordingly.

We will leave a good impression with your boss, your colleagues, your staff, your clients and most importantly, let them have a good impression of you too!

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