After getting the cover page and introduction down for your seminar workbook, you will need to provide a little more details through the table of contents. This page in the workbook is significant regardless of what your seminar is about. The table of contents is simply a summary of the topics being covered for the seminar. Apart from being a list of topics, there is also a page number being allocated to each topic for fast reference.

There are a few pointers that you should take note of when writing the table of contents, especially when there is more than one venue and speaker for the seminar. Firstly, remember to include the timing and venue (building names and room numbers) of each portion of the seminar in a chronological manner. This will prevent confusion among your audience. At the same time, it ensures that your participants get to the correct venue at the right time, so that they will not miss any part of the seminar.

Secondly, remember to include the title of each portion and the name of the speaker or leader of that section as well. Take note that this only applies to seminars where there are more than just one speaker. For seminars that have only one speaker, you should still indicate the title of each portion. However, you can omit the name if the audience already know who the speaker is. It is important for the audience to know what the speaker(s) will be presenting on. Some of them attend to listen to a specific speaker or topic. Therefore, they might not want to stay for the entire duration even though that would be the ideal scenario for everyone.

Lastly, and probably the most common in any form of table of content, is a summary of the topics. In other words, it is what the participants should hope to learn from attending each portion of the seminar. If it is possible, try to include the timing for each of the portions as well. If you are unable to come up with the exact timing, you can provide a time range. As mentioned, this would be useful to participants who attend just to listen to a specific topic. At the end of the day, the table of content acts as a guideline for both the speaker as well as the audience.

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