Sometimes the best way to keep your audience thinking and focus on your seminar is through questions. Yes, there is usually a question and answer session at the end of every seminar. However, if you want to ensure that your audience do not lose their attention and interest throughout the way, then you might want to consider printing questions in your workbook.

As a speaker, you would definitely have points to cover over the entire period of your presentation. This leaves you with very little or absolutely no time at all to ask questions along the way. This is where the workbook you prepare for your audience can come in handy. By having questions printed at the end of each seminar section, you can get your participants to ponder between each of the seminar section.

These question(s) should cover the key points of that section and should act as a summary. They should be direct and straight to the point, so that your participants do not waste too much time trying to figure out what the answer actually is. The purpose of the questions is to act as a reminder of what has been covered in that section so far. Hence, if any of the participants missed any part of it, they would be able to catch up from here.

Another purpose of the question(s) is for it to lead to fruitful discussions or brainstorming sessions. This works more towards workshops rather than seminars. In workshops, things are more hands on. In other words, the participants will have more interaction with you as well as among themselves. By having questions at the end of each section, it is a good way to get people talking and socialising. This is essential because for any discussions or brainstorming sessions to take place, your participants have to feel comfortable first. Through discussions and/or brainstorming sessions, your audience will be able to be more engaged and have a better understanding of your presentation.

Do take note that if you intend to include questions in your workbook, always ensure that you leave some space on the page and have some lines for your participants to write and take down notes.

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