After finishing up with the content and design of your seminar workbook, the next step is to get it printed. This is the part where many tend to cut down the cost and search for the cheapest option available. However, this shouldn’t be the case because you won’t want your physical workbook to not look its best after all the effort you have put in the writing and designing right?

There will be some participants who would be judgmental after taking a look at the workbook you provide. As we all are aware, first impressions do count and could make a difference in how your audience perceive and like you. Hence, it would be ideal to start things off on the right foot. You don’t want them to get the feeling that you are a cheapskate because of the cheap printing that you use. You would want to give an impression that you are at least willing to invest in reasonable printing for your participants.

So the first step is to find a print shop that is capable of catering to your needs. Once you have found a suitable shop and if you feel that the price is reasonable, then you can proceed further. It is essential to check with them on the format of the file that they will require. Majority of shops would usually use either Microsoft Office (.docx, .xls, etc.) extensions or Adobe Reader (.pdf) extensions. However, always double check just in case. It is recommended that you use .pdf whenever possible as it doesn’t allow changes to be made.

After getting that settled, either email them a softcopy of your workbook or bring it down to the shop personally. You can place your file in either a CD, thumbdrive or external harddisk. Seminar workbooks are usually bind together, so that’s the most professional way to go about it. Always ensure that you print more than enough copies for all of your participants. You would be setting an extremely bad impression of yourself if you do not have enough copies to go around. Lastly, it would be wise to submit your order for printing at least one week ahead of the seminar to ensure that it will be completed on time. This will also provide you with ample time to check the printing to make sure that it is up to your standard. If it isn’t, then you would at least have time to make changes.

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