If you have intentions of organising a seminar, a good method to get your point across to your audience is through a seminar workbook. This is basically a booklet that is handed out to every participant for reference and information. It will contain information such as the topic that will be discussed, the activities taking place and so forth. At the same time, it can also include questions for the participants. Regardless, it has to be related to your seminar and help to bring forth practical applications and fruitful discussions.

The first thing that people look at when they receive any sort of book is the cover page. Their decision to read on further can be based on this cover page alone. Therefore, it has to be powerful and dynamic enough to win them over from the very start. In other words, you as a speaker has to define the focus of the seminar. This focus should not be too broad nor should it be too narrow. At the same time, the focus you decide on has to be reflected in your title for the seminar. The title always have to be precise and informative. A failure to do so could result in the participants feeling cheated, leaving them unhappy.

The cover of your workbook has to always include the title of your seminar too. This is to give the audience a brief outlook of what it is that they are attending. Aside from that, the title of your organisation is just as significant. The audience would definitely want to know who are the ones offering the seminar. For those big and well-known companies, it would be a plus point from the start. As for those smaller and lesser known companies, it could make a huge impact if your seminar turns out to their expectation or above that. Apart from that, the other nitty-gitty details are the date, time and location of the seminar.

That should be all that is required for the cover page. If somehow, the information is too cluttered, then just place the title and organisation name on the front cover. The rest of the details will then go to the first page of the workbook. The cover should be simple and attention grabbing. Ultimately, the aim is to draw interest from your audience and not give away the full details of the seminar away.

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