A seminar isn’t simply just a speaker standing on stage and talking to his or her audience. Well, there are certain cases like this. However, the majority of seminars involves the use of visual aids. These visual aids can come in different forms. They can range from a slide show or PowerPoint presentation to a flip chart to a video to a demonstration to role playing to items being pulled out from a bag to even games or contests.

Firstly, you have to always keep in mind that whichever visual aid you decide on using, it has to be able to enhance your seminar. If it does not enhance it or in other cases, worsen it, then there is no point in putting effort to prepare it.

Secondly, when it comes to deciding on what visual aid to use, you have to take into consideration the topic of your seminar. The most commonly used form of visual aids are PowerPoint slides. It is pretty tough to go wrong with it unless your slides are really out of point or not in relation to your topic. Hence, a PowerPoint presentation is a safe bet.

Thirdly, you can use a combination of visual aids to further improve your audience understanding of your topic. For example, if you have already selected PowerPoint slides as your main visual aid, you can still pair it together with a video. Sometimes videos not just assist the audience in their understanding, but it is also more appealing and attention grabbing. Another example would be to pair your PowerPoint presentation with a contest at the end. You can inform your audience that the contest questions will be based on your presentation. If your prize for the contest is attractive enough, you can maintain your audience focus throughout the entire seminar.

If you do decide to use any visual aids, ensure that they are clear and concise. Make sure you put in effort in your visual aids as well if you intend to use them. Another thing you should do is to put yourself in the audience perspective. This means that you must guarantee that your visual aids can be seen from any point in the audience and that they do not contain mistakes or contradict one another. As mentioned, a visual aid should add to your presentation. If it doesn’t, then you should leave it out.

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