One of the key factors to consider when creating a seminar is the presentation format or the method in which you are going to deliver your message. There are many different ways in which a message can be delivered to the audience. Each of these have their own benefits as well. The method that you decide on will have to be based on your presentation topic, your audience demographics and size as well as the best way to get your message across and retaining it in the memory of your audience.

Firstly, do take note that seminars and workshops are different and that they function differently too. Workshops tend to be more hands on as compared to seminars. In other words, there is usually more interaction and engagement between the speaker and the audience or among the participants themselves. This can be in the form of doing, building, creating or learning a certain skill. For example, in a property investment workshop, there will usually be workstations for each participant, so that they can have a hands on experience. Also, there will usually be small group discussions or activities which involves networking and socialising with other participants.

As for seminars, there is usually not much of participation by the audience. It is basically a speaker getting his point across, so that everyone will be able to understand. A seminar doesn’t have any group discussions or activities, it is rather straight forward and to the point most of the time. This means that the audience will have their attention fixed on the speaker, while they take down important notes. However, there is usually a question and answer session at the end of every seminar. This is for the participants to voice out any doubts or uncertainties that they may have.

Therefore, the first thing for a speaker to sort out is whether the presentation format will be based upon a workshop or a seminar. Once this has been decided, the speaker can go on to decide what formats are the most suitable for the audience. For example, workshops can have group activities or even games to enhance participation. As for seminars, question and answer sessions are the most frequently used method. However, a speaker can bring in more excitement by having a contest or lucky draw at the end  of his seminar.

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