One of the most common things that is neglected when creating a seminar is designing an outline for the flow of the presentation. Many speakers and presenters tend to either overlook or underestimate how an outline can actually aid their presentation. This post will not just explain how creating an outline for your presentation can be of help, but it will also provide a guideline in creating an outline.

First, try segmenting out your presentation based on the total length that you have decided for your presentation. Usually, for a two hour presentation, you should determine between three to five key points that your audience can take home with them. These key points are the ones that your audience will remember you for. Therefore, it has to be extremely powerful and have a huge impact on them. Try being more unique when you design the message and deliver it in a more creative way, so that the audience can easily remember it and relate it to you.

Secondly, starting with the learning points, flesh out the presentation from the beginning through to the summary points. The learning points are basically the three to five key points that you want your audience to go away with. In the summary, these key points have to be present as well to act as a reminder for them. Hence, your key points have to be strong and memorable.

Lastly, go back through it several time to fine tune. It is crucial not to skip this step as it also acts as a revision of what you have come up with and if improvements can be made to it. If changes has to be made, at least you still have time to make preparations for them. By going through the presentation from beginning to end, you can also roughly gauge to see if the timing that you set aside for each of your key points is sufficient to make a good impact on your audience. Try to avoid doing this step at the last minute as you might end up rushing through. By rushing through it, you will probably not be able to produce the best possible results either. Chances are, you could possibly not make any changes at all, even if you feel the need to, due to the time constraints.

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