In order to be viewed by your participants as someone who is professional, your seminar should always started on the stated time. The only excuse for not starting the seminar on time is if the turnout is not 50 percent and if you inform the present participants that you will be waiting for others to arrive. Regardless, you should wait no longer than five minutes to be fair to those who have already arrived.

If you intend to start your seminar on time, which you should, then you would need to ensure that all prior preparations have already been done. These factors, even the most minor ones, could very well determine if your seminar will start on time. Obviously, the main element would be all the equipment that you will be using. Remember, to always get them set up and ready beforehand. When you are doing so, it will also be a good time to check and make sure that they are all running properly. This can be done by doing a dry run of the seminar. At the same time, this can also assist the presenter with his/her pacing as well as timing.

Some of the more common equipment that presenters use these days include the projector, iPad/laptop/desktop, microphone, speakers, laser pointer and so forth. It is basically all the hardware that one would be making use of during a seminar. It is also needless to mention that all your software should be working and backup just in case. As for equipment such as the microphone and laser pointer, do ensure that you have spare batteries just in case they run flat in the middle of your seminar. You wouldn’t want to try projecting your voice if your seminar has over a thousand plus participants. Firstly, you would probably get a sore throat after. Secondly, some participants at the back might not even be able to catch what it is that you are actually trying to say. An alternative to having spare batteries would be to have another set of microphone and laser pointer. If you are going to use your iPad or laptop to display your presentation, then please make sure that you have your charger with you. Although such devices have the ability to last for a couple of hours, it would not be ideal to risk it.

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