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seminar room rental

With the ever-changing demands of the new economy, working professionals are pressured to perform at a higher echelon. With their gradually outdated knowledge gleamed many years ago in school, many are looking to Training Seminars, Business Coaching and Interactive Workshops to give them the competitive edge in their careers.

At Seminar Room, we provide classroom facilities as well to accommodate both teachers and students.

We have long tables to match our leather seats, coupled with a nice carpet to re-create the classroom experience, with a touch of elegance.

Gone are the days when you sit on a plastic chair with metal legs scrapping the cement floor, breathing in chalk dust and admiring your classmates having the ‘window’ seats because they get all the breeze.

Our classroom setting comes with all the full amenities like double projectors on two large screens, high speed wireless fibre Internet, good air conditioning, a solid sound system, free flow of drinks via a water dispenser and a coffee machine, and most importantly, microphones for the teacher so she can preserve her voice to teach another day!

Up till 80 students can fit into our Classroom comfortably, with enough desk space to handle a laptop, making us a hot favourite among teachers and trainers. Don’t ever underestimate the power of a laptop. Coupled with our fast Internet speed, lessons in IT, Forex Trading, Shares Trading and Internet Business are now a reality. In addition, all 80 students will have access to a power socket so no one will have to worry about laptop battery life.

So we want to add something to your list of consideration.

A Convenient Location

With ample parking, MRT and serviced by many buses

High Speed Fiber Internet

For Video Conferencing, normal web surfing, etc

Spacious Environment

Seat up to 180 people in theatre style seating

  • Drinking water available via a Water Dispenser (Hot & Cold).
  • Projectors or Extra Large-Screen for all the seminar room.
  • Classy and clean washroom within the level of the building.
  • Powerful Air-Conditioning for a comfortable event environment.
  • Conveniently of holding your meeting in such prestige locations.
  • Availability of power points and extension cords for charging your laptop and devices.

So be prepared to have an enjoyable event with our Seminar Room, we will prepare the location and coordinate your logistics matters accordingly.

We will leave a good impression with your boss, your colleagues, your staff, your clients and most importantly, let them have a good impression of you too!

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