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Industries That Conduct Seminars – General Business

    The most common industries that conduct seminars are those that are basically in the general business line. Any industry that deals with issues such as human resources, accounting, marketing, customer service and project management will conduct seminars for both their managers as well as their employees. Each of these industries can also tailor their seminars so

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    Industries That Conduct Seminars – Health Care

      In our previous post, we talked about how teachers in the education industry are required to obtain a continuing education (CE). In fact, teachers are not the only ones who are required to attain a CE. Doctors and other licensed health care providers working in the health care industry also must complete a pre-determined number of CE

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      Industries That Conduct Seminars – Education

        Industries from education and health care all the way to finance and advanced technologies regularly engage in seminars for a wide range of reasons. Seminars ought to have specific goals, for example, improving workplace efficiency or developing project management skills. In many industries, where continuing education (CE) is required in order for career advancement or

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        Marketing at Educational Seminars – Wasted Time

          If you intend to do marketing at educational seminars, the one thing that you should always keep in mind is the time spent on you presentation. This could very well be a disadvantage if one mistakenly neglects it. As we all know the famous saying, time is money, you should do your best to make

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          Marketing At Educational Seminars – Audience Mistrust

            As mentioned in our previous post before, when it comes to marketing at educational seminars, there will always be pros and cons. Today, we will be touching on one of the disadvantages known as the audience mistrust of the presenter’s intentions. This can occur when the presenter starts to discuss about his/her own products and/or

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            Marketing at Educational Seminars – Captive Audience

              Having an expert perception by the audience is not the only advantage when one is marketing at an educational seminar. There are many other advantages as well. One of which revolves around gaining a captive audience. Most or in fact all the participants of a seminar would normally take a look at the subject of

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              Marketing at Educational Seminars – Expert Perception

                In this series, we will be talking about the pros and cons of marketing at educational seminars. Firstly, educational seminars bring together participants with a desire to know more about the topic of presentation. A majority of businesses host their own educational seminar so that the public will be able to relate to the expertise

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                Creating A Job Seminar – Q&A

                  If there is any common factor throughout every seminar out there, it would have to be the question and answer (Q&A) session at the end of the session. In fact, to not have a Q&A session at the end of one’s seminar is extremely rare. This is the part of the seminar where participants actually

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                  Creating A Job Seminar – Prior Preparations

                    In order to be viewed by your participants as someone who is professional, your seminar should always started on the stated time. The only excuse for not starting the seminar on time is if the turnout is not 50 percent and if you inform the present participants that you will be waiting for others to

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                    Creating A Job Seminar – Registration

                      During the actual day of your seminar, the very first step for your participants would be to locate the registration counter. Hence, you should have this counter prepared and ready for seminar participants to sign in. You should start things off by getting them to declare their name to the person in charge of the registration

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